5 Tips on How to Make Your Kitchen Instagrammable

Instagram is a source of inspiration for 1 billion active monthly users and so, if you want to be in the running when it comes to the most popular kitchen pictures, you might just find our top tips useful. From large white kitchens to small kitchens, there’s nothing that can’t capture followers and likes – if you know your stuff! This month, UK Kitchens will be exploring the many things that we humans find aesthetically pleasing and what things we can do to make our kitchens instagrammable. 

instagrammable kitchen

Open shelving

If your kitchen isn’t the biggest and you’re struggling for storage space, go for some open shelving units. They’re a favourite on Instagram and certainly make your kitchen much more accessible. If you can’t find any you like, just paint them to match or contrast the kitchen – if not, install bare wooden ones – the natural, earthy look is adored by millions!

open shelving in kitchen - instagram post

Statement colour

Don’t be afraid to use a bold colour in your kitchen – but do not use too many. Select one colour and let that pop on its own, the surrounding cream or white countertops and wall paint will complement your chosen colour. 

Research shows that colours such as midnight blue and dark olive green tend to get more engagement on Instagram. This is because there’s more contrast in your kitchen and thus, grabs attention. 

olive green kitchen - instagram worthy

Floor lighting and other types of kitchen lighting

Well-positioned lighting in the kitchen can easily hide areas you’re not so keen on and enhance the parts you love. Floor lighting can make a kitchen feel and appear larger and brighten up the room if there’s a lack of natural light. 

olive green colour kitchen - instagram post

Other types of kitchen lighting include:


  • Task lighting – the brightest lights that are positioned over your workstation, including your cooker, sink and worktops
  • Mood lightingif you use your kitchen for more than just cooking, ambient illumination can create a nice relaxed atmosphere. You can achieve this with a rise-and-fall fixture, up lighters around your kitchen counters, wall and eyeball lights.
  • Feature and accent lightingto draw the eye to points of interest in your kitchen, if you have attractive architectural features, it’s fun to play with feature and accent lighting. You could have sparkling plinth lighting, colour-changing lighting or glass cupboard illumination.
  • Pendant lighting – above breakfast bars or islands can be a beautiful statement piece. Hanging pendant lights can offer a large room a cosier and more intimate feel, ideal if you have regular dinner parties.
  • Natural lighting
    For kitchens with large feature windows, try to keep the area around them sparse, so that you don’t spoil the view or prevent the natural light from flooding the kitchen. Having ample natural light makes a kitchen feel spacious and open. 


Let’s face it, plants are attractive and are very beneficial to us because:

  • They can increase productivity
  • They can reduce sickness 
  • They make the home look inviting and attractive 
  • They clean the air we breathe
  • They can reduce noise levels
  • They can boost creativity

 instagram worthy kitchen with greenery and plants

Plants such as English ivy, aloe vera, spider plants and Chinese evergreens work well in a kitchen environment and do not require too much maintenance. Injecting an abundance of foliage into your culinary space might inspire you to try out new recipes and maybe even stem off to growing your own herbs. 

There are many different things you can do with plants; you can have potted ones, hanging ones or even choose artificial ones – if you’re a bit of a jet-setter. Whatever species of plant you choose and however you decide to place them, you can be sure that greenery will enhance your Instagram profile. 


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