How to Maximise Your Pantry Space

Pantries, larders, storage rooms and cellars all refer to the place where surplus kitchen goods, such as food or kitchenware, are kept. For most homeowners, this space is one that we like to keep secret. Why? Because we’re scared of the mess behind the door! This month, UK Kitchens are here to offer guidance that’ll help to turn your pantry into a picture-perfect place. For excellent organisational tips, read on!   

pantry with shelves

Separate pantry items

  •  Canned goods and jars
  •  Spices and sachets
  •  Dried pasta, lentils, couscous, rice
  •  Nuts and cereals
  •  Flour, sugar
  •  Garlic bulbs, onions and potatoes

    Once separated, ensure that everything is in date and keep items together in one place. This will make them easy to locate when you come to use them.

spice rack & jars

  • Caddy stacks
    Caddy boxes with attached handles are great for keeping spices and sachets together. You can also stack these caddies together, to save space in your pantry.
  • Labels
    Using white sticky labels and a pen, or a label gun (if you’re already equipped), clearly write down what’s in each drawer or caddy stack. These are great reminders for when time is tight whilst cooking in the kitchen. Labels are particularly ideal for high shelves, as it saves you checking everything below before finding what you were looking for.
  • Spice caddies
    Whether you choose to use a stack caddy or a designated spice caddy, it’s entirely up to you but you can (if space allows it) attach a spice caddy to the inside of the opening pantry door. Since we use spices in everyday cooking, this makes for an easily accessible solution.
  • Pan lid holders
    For large wok lids or deep pan lids, you may find yourself stuck for space or on a mission to find the right size but with pan lid holders, you needn’t experience that anymore. Simply mount them onto the inside of the cupboard door, slot the lid between the grip and this will keep your pan lids neat and tidy.

herb jars

Sprucing up the look of your pantry

  • Pop of colour
    If your kitchen is particularly neutral, why not add a pop of colour to your pantry and make it a statement piece! Instead of hiding your pantry, show it off!
  • Frosted glass sliding door
    If you’re looking to revamp your pantry altogether, why not add a frosted glass sliding door? This will give the illusion of a more spacious and larger area and help to maximise the lighting in your kitchen/pantry. This modern twist will bring any old pantry into 2020.
  • Corner pantries
    Perhaps you could think of something better to do with your pantry like knock down a wall and extend the kitchen – you could do this and still have a pantry. With a bespoke kitchen design, you could include a corner pantry to merge in with the rest of your cupboard space and still benefit from the extra room and one less door!
  • Alcove pantries
    Again, if you’re looking to maximise the space in your kitchen, you may wish to build a pantry into any unusual alcoves in your home. When done well, these can look really stylish and add a rustic charm to any kitchen. 

Liven up an old pantry and make the most of your home with ease by following our top tips and tricks. For further kitchen advice or assistance, call UK Kitchens for expert advice on combining style with practicality. We operate throughout Nottingham and the surrounding areas.