Matte vs Gloss Kitchens

Admiration for matte and gloss finishes in the kitchen has fluctuated over the years, with thousands of households changing their countertops and cupboards from one to the other, to stay on trend. However, there are many benefits to both, so whether or not you’re in with the latest trend, you can be sure to reap the benefits of whichever you choose and whatever your preferred style.

The benefits of matte kitchens

  • Simple to clean – when cleaning matte countertops use a soft cloth, warm and damp cloth with a little washing up soap or white vinegar mixed with half water for a more thorough wash. Avoid wiping down matte tops with harsh chemicals such as shop-bought kitchen cleaners, these tend to have bleach in them because they will deface and dull the matte finish.
  • Fingermarks are not as noticeable – your matte worktops will look cleaner for longer because the matte finish absorbs light and doesn’t reflect it like gloss does, meaning that fingermarks go unseen.
  • Luxurious colours – there are plentiful matte colours to choose from and what’s more, matte has a solid base colour and doesn’t rely on a light source to enhance this.  
  • Elegant and unique finish – a kitchen without a shine can look very contemporary with its textual difference and not to mention, simply stunning. With matte finishes you can honestly say that no two kitchens look the same – perfect if you want to go against the grain with your love for a quirky style.

The benefits of gloss kitchens

  • Airy and open feel – gloss finishes in the kitchen reflect the light, which opens up any dark corners of the room, making the entirety of the room look large and airy.
  • Ideal for kitchens with limited space – if your kitchen is on the small side, gloss kitchens can help to work with the space you have to make it look bigger than it actually is. Gloss targets lighter and more neutral colours, which again, helps to open up the space – darker colours can make a small space feel even smaller and gawdy.
  • Easy to wipe clean – got maintenance on your mind? Surprisingly, gloss isn’t hard work, all you need is a microfiber cloth to get rid of pesky fingermarks and dust, and if you need to get rid of food bits, use a little warm water and a tiny bit of mild soap to remove.
  • Can be accented with colours easily – pairing your neutral, light and airy kitchen with a pop of colour will give you an impressive aesthetic and display your keen eye for interior design.

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