Timeless Kitchen Styles

Kitchens are considered to be one of the most expensive things to change in your home and if that’s the case, isn’t it important to find the right style that you will still appreciate in years to come?

What to consider when making your kitchen timeless

Quality over a cheap fix

Timeless kitchens may be expensive because of a few factors, including quality over quantity, your tastes and styles and whether you want to invest in the newest technology. The shape, size and layout of your kitchen will impact how much you spend on a renovation. That said, more costly materials and fixtures will no doubt be more durable than a quick cheap fix, meaning you’re much less likely to be replacing parts of your kitchen and therefore, able to eliminate the extra costs from regular replacements and repairs.

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Tailored fixtures and fittings to meet your needs and preferences

Putting your stamp on it will also influence the price but reflecting your taste and style to make for a visually pleasing kitchen is certainly worthwhile, especially for those who are house proud. Luckily for those that want luxury and style to make their homes flawless throughout, there are a number of factors you can change to set it apart from the rest, including: countertops, sinks, taps, cupboards, handles, shelves, islands etc. Research your options and find the right style for you, that you know you will still appreciate in years to come.

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Newest technology in kitchens

Believe it or not, technology doesn’t just refer to the latest fridge, freezer or oven – you can invest in soft close technology on your cabinets – perfect if you have little ones running around. This includes handless drawers to reduce accidents around the kitchen and touch free faucets to keep your kitchen as hygienic as possible.

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Signature kitchen styles

The rustic, country kitchen

Country kitchens have a certain charm, one that really lasts a lifetime, and to achieve the ideal rustic kitchen, be sure to utilise solid wood or laminate for your worktops and natural wood for your cabinets made complete with tarnished metal handle finishes. Experiment with delicate pastel colours and variants of whites and beige for a light, refreshing pop of colour. Other features found in a country kitchen include farmhouse sinks or butler sinks, hard flooring and glass fronted cupboards – where you can see spices, herbs and fresh thick granary bread – a typical wholesome touch.

Have your kitchen depict being in the middle of the English countryside with a homely and romantic style that generates a captivating warmth inside your home.

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The smart/uniform kitchen

For minimalists that love a high-tech and uniform kitchens that can hide all the usual cumbersome appliances, hide-and-seek style perfect style of storage. These cupboards can conceal your microwave, kettle, mixers – anything that sits on your worktops, so you can keep them clean and pristine at all times. Kitchen islands are increasingly popular with this style of kitchen too, offering a smart way to prepare your food, complimenting your workflow and making your kitchen a great place to entertain. To suit your smart interior, incorporate colours that’ll bode well with your fittings and fixtures typically colours such as navy, grey, silver and bronze work well.  

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The modern, colourful kitchen

Let your kitchen be the hub of your home with a stylish and functional open plan structure kitted out with a sleek, monochrome fittings, glass fronted fridges and wine storage units. Opt for undermount stainless steel sinks with a double basin for fluidity throughout the kitchen, one for soaking pots and the other for washing vegetables. Add some spice into the mix with an explosion of colour, find your favourite colour palette and work with variations of green, blue, yellow, red – a modern kitchen doesn’t have to be plain!


Arran Senior Designer Case Study

At UK Kitchens we make it our mission to provide our customers with their very own tailored tastes. Our team of specialists and exceptional designers will take the dimensions of your kitchen and use computer-aided design to bring your dream into a reality. To ensure optimal functionality and stylistic appeal, discuss your requirements with an experienced family run company who care. For more information, call today and let’s get designing together.