What Makes a Great Kitchen?

wow that's a really nice kitchen

The things that make a great kitchen are highly varied, but it’s important to know the main areas in which you might revitalise your kitchen when you go about redecorating it. Therefore, in this month’s article, we’ll be answering the question ‘What makes a great kitchen?’ in an attempt to let you in our top tips for the ideal kitchen.

Firstly, we’ll get lighting out of the way – after all, if your kitchen doesn’t have adequate lighting, how would you be able to enjoy your perfectly designed kitchen? There are as many lighting design options as there are twinkling stars in the night sky, so get creative with your choices. If you want our recommendation though, a spotlight arrangement is particularly suited to a kitchen.

Durable and attractive worktops
As the surface upon which you prepare your food and keep many of your kitchen appliances, the worktop must be a resilient and appealing surface – it needs to not only look the part, but play the part too. That’s why we recommend solid wood, laminate, granite and quartz worktops. The benefits of these quality worktops are numerous, but among their most appealing positives is the fact that they will last a lifetime and are very easy to look after.

It’s no good having windows without any dressings, not just for privacy reasons but also for decorative ones. There are a wide variety of blind designs out there available to you, meaning that no matter the look you’re going for, there’ll be the right blinds for you! Roman blinds are an especially astute choice, but make sure that you pick your blinds to fit the rest of your kitchen design and not the other way around.

Stone flooring
Durable and easy-to-maintain, stone is the go-to material for flooring in kitchens, especially when aiming for the rustic vibe. Stone flooring will partner excellently with your granite worktop and give your kitchen the sophistication it has been lacking.

Soft-close drawers
If you’ve never had soft-close drawers and cupboards in your home, you’ll likely have suffered from many a headache from banging drawers and your neighbours will have been on your case too! The perfect finishing touch to any kitchen, soft-close drawers reduce noise and concurrently ensure that your cupboards last longer than their traditional counterparts, namely because they aren’t banging shut constantly and rattling their hinges and frames. Moreover, most modern cupboard and drawer designs incorporate this technology – if you want to keep with the times, soft-close drawers are the way to go.


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